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Visit either of our The Joint locations in Lakewood for great chiropractic care today.

7100 W. Alaska Drive,
Lakewood, CO, 80226

14680 W Colfax Ave
Suite F-120

Lakewood, CO, 80401

At The Joint …the chiropractic place, there are no appointments and no hidden fees. As your local Lakewood chiropractors, we have two locations in Lakewood providing affordable chiropractic services every day. Be sure to stop in and find out how The Joint is making it easier than ever to put your chiropractic health first. Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, a sports injury or need a general chiropractic adjustment, we can help.

  • Convenient hours
  • Convenient locations
  • No appointment necessary
  • Membership rates as low as $12.25 per adjustment
  • Our chiropractors are professional licensed doctors of chiropractic

Who We Are…

The Joint …the chiropractic place, Lakewood, CO – Our mission is to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care. That’s why The Joint offers a nationwide network of modern chiropractic clinics with a new approach to providing exceptional healthcare. We realize today more than ever, the need for affordable healthcare in our country is paramount, so The Joint provides everyone access to health and wellness through affordable chiropractic care, because here, there’s no need for insurance coverage. In fact, with our reasonably priced membership, an entire month of chiropractic adjustments could very well cost you less than a single insurance co-pay. At The Joint we strive to maintain quality care of the highest professional standards, and we make it easy for our chiropractors to focus on your needs- which are, and always will be, our first priority.

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