The Benefits of Foam Rolling

Many chiropractors and physical therapists recommend the use of a foam roller for a do-it-yourself type of massage and stretch. It is the perfect way to start out a workout, start the day, or just stretch and relax. It also comes with some amazing benefits too, such as muscle tension relief, correcting muscle imbalances, injury […]

Reduce Your Risk of Stroke By Half

Ever wonder what the magic number for exercising is? According to the journal Stroke, exercising at least four times a week lessens your chance of a stroke or mini-stroke. This exercise can include low-impact exercise, such as walking and swimming. If exercise is hard to do because of back or hip pain, then it is […]

Six Reasons to Add Fish to Your Diet

2013 was not the best year for fish in the news, however, a large-scale study conducted in December found that a fish-rich diet has a variety of health benefits including improved cognitive function and increased amounts of energy. Read the six compelling reasons below to add a dose of fatty fish to your regular diet. […]

How To Avoid Gaining Weight After The Holidays

 Feeling a little heavy after the holidays? You are not alone. The average holiday dinner contains about 3,000 calories of scrumptious, tempting foods; not a mood lifter for health-conscious individuals. So how do you avoid the downward spiral of gaining even more weight as you head into the new year? Avoid making the common mistakes listed below. […]

Exercises for the Common Cold

If you’re feeling sick and under the weather, exercise is probably the last thing you feel like doing. In most cases it really is a good idea to rest; putting more pressure on an already stressed-out body is not a good idea. However, in some cases a little exercise can really help. Walking Having a […]