2 Tricky Emotions That Scar Us (And How To Heal)

There are certain emotions that put a damper on our mood and we don’t really know why they affect us so deeply. Feelings like rejection, guilt and even compliments can leave us feeling down for days. Well there is a natural way to take yourself out of your funk and learn to find joy in these situations. Use the following healthy tips to feel better fast.

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1. Rejection

This is an emotion that most people can wholeheartedly say they don’t like. But the repercussions of getting rejected can last far after the incident first occurred. And get this – studies have shown that people’s brains are constructed to where rejection really affects them; we are extremely sensitive to it. This still rings true when we are rejected by people we don’t even like.

The Fix:

Look for places where you do belong and people who treat you well. If a group of people in your improv class neglected to invite you to that party after class, choose to grab some dinner and drinks with some friends you have in that class next week. You’ll realize that there are people who enjoy your company and appreciate you.

2. Compliments

This may sound weird, but some people just don’t like compliments. This happens when people are insecure and the compliment clashes with their views about themselves. If someone tells you that you have beautiful hair, but you’ve loathed it since middle school, the compliment can make you feel weird because it’s just not congruent with your thought processes,

The Fix:

If you’re feeling insecure about something that people are complimenting you on, write it down. Think about what you have to offer that really is amazing. If you’re not feeling particularly beautiful on the outside, assure yourself that you’re beautiful on the inside, have a great heart and are a good friend. See, you do possess the qualities that are important and that’s what really matters.

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