3 Kind Ways To Give A Meaningful Compliment


Compliments: many of us love to give and receive them, especially when they come from a genuine place. A compliment can be a great kindness that you bestow upon someone else. And receiving one can feel just as good, especially when someone really needs to hear it. Check out the following heartfelt compliments that go deeper than telling someone that you love the clothes that they are wearing, but a remark that praises who they are inside.

1. “You’re A Wonderful Sister”

Or brother, or mother or grandmother. What people really want to know is that they are good enough for their family. They want to hear from a third party that they’re doing the right things because it is encouraging and may even be the best compliment a person can receive. If someone told me that I was an excellent sister, or daughter and they were genuine in their praise, I would feel uplifted, almost on a spiritual level because what I am doing matters.

2. “You’re An Incredible Friend”

Telling someone they’re a great friend can give them a feeling of acceptance because what you are really saying is that they mean something to you. They matter in your world and you think fondly of them. There are many studies that show that strong social relationships are good for your health, and for good reason. Friendships can make this thing called life more enjoyable, bearable, manageable and amazing.

3. “You Have A Huge Heart”

Anyone can compliment a pretty body or a nice face, but when someone compliments your heart, they are complimenting what’s deep inside you. They are saying that the core of who you are is great and almost validating your worth in their life. If you want to make someone feel truly good, compliment their humor, spirit, or heart.


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