4 Health Benefits of Having Indoor House Plants

Various trends of house plants have come and gone over the years, but they still remain in vogue no matter what kind of society surrounds them. As it turns out, houseplants can actually improve your health. If you have plants in your house right now, you’ve probably already noticed these four health benefits. If you have yet to develop a green thumb, read on to find out about how beneficial an indoor plant or two can be for your health, and head to the nearest plant shop to start reaping the benefits of natural wellness.

Houseplants Assist Healthy Breathing

You probably learned all about photosynthesis as a child. Photosynthesis is the process in which plants absorb carbon dioxide from the surrounding environment and release oxygen. Since humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, plants and people are naturally in a symbiotic relationship. Keep plants such as orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliadsin your bedroom at night to encourage deep breathing, and therefore, deep sleep. 

They Can Help You Avoid Illness

Plants are known to increase the humidity content of wherever they are, including rooms inside a house. If you live in an arid climate, a more humid household will better your chances of avoiding sore throats, colds, dry skin, and dry coughs. Furthermore, many scientific studies have shown that an environment with high levels of humidity decreases the transmission rates of the flu virus. 

They Improve Concentration

Yes, it turns out that something as simple as having more plants around the house can actually improve your work ethic. Being around plants actually improves concentration and productivity. In fact, plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent. A work environment that’s got elements of nature in it is conducive to more focused and efficient work,so feel free to get yourself a plant or two for your home office. 

They Improve Healing Times

Have you ever wondered why bringing plants or flowers to a loved one in the hospital is such a common thing to do? It turns out that plants are actually great at improving recovery times in patients who have just undergone surgery. Plants are a noninvasive and completely natural version of complementary medicine to improve the well being of those who are currently recovering from a surgery or illness. Just looking at plants can lower levels of blood pressure, anxiety, and stress in a patient. 

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