4 Healthy Tips for Transforming Your Children’s Mornings

Many parents are well-versed in the crazy school morning routines with their children. School is already stressful enough for your children, so these crazy mornings rushing to beat the school bell do not help. Instead, try these tips to a healthier morning for your children.

Better Wake-Ups

Waking up your children at the last minute will only cause them more stress. Instead, the whole family should wake up earlier to be prepared for the day. Use the night before to better prepare for the morning rush. You and your child can prepare lunches, pack backpacks, and lay out school clothes. Braiding your daughter’s hair at night will also save time and stress in the morning.

Healthier Breakfasts

When you aren’t rushing to get out the door on time, the whole family has time to eat a nutritional breakfast. Cereal should not be your only option for a quick breakfast. Instead, scrambling eggs and blending up healthy smoothies are a great way to fuel your kids for the day ahead. Try sitting down at the table as a family for breakfast to get a few minutes of quality time in.

Lighter Backpacks

As you help your child get ready for school, pay attention to their backpack. Is it heavy? Is it falling apart? Take a quick second to see how your child looks while carrying his backpack. Does it cause him to slouch or slump over? Is the backpack carried too low on the back? Ideally, your child should not be carrying more than 10% of their weight. Therefore, if you have a 70-lb student, his backpack should not weigh more than seven pounds. Also, the backpack needs to sit in between the shoulder blades and if there is a buckle that can be strapped across the chest for extra support, it should.

Revamping Your Child’s Lunch

Whether you pack your child’s lunch or they do it themselves, it needs to have fuel-giving food in it. Most lunches contain too many processed and sugary foods. These will not give your child the energy he needs to learn and perform at his best. Instead, pack whole fruit, sandwiches and wraps made with strips of chicken and fresh vegetables, and water. You can include a fun snack in their lunch, such as a bag of chips or small piece of candy so that your children can have a treat to look forward to. When packing your child’s lunch, you want a good combination of healthy protein, carbs, and fat.

Getting your children off to a healthy start will impact the rest of their day positively. It may take some practice to get into the habit, but your family can only benefit from each of its members living a healthy life.

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