4 Tips To Help You Stay Alert At Work

You’re at work and you know you have to complete that project before the deadline hits, but you’re so tired and can’t get motivated! Work feels overwhelming and you feel like a failure for your lack of drive and ability to get work done. Well, what may be contributing to a lot of your apathy may be that you are low on energy because you don’t have the proper know-how to keep your energy levels up throughout the day. The good news is that we can help you out- check out this great read.


1. Exercise In The Morning

I find that I am much more energized throughout the day when I have exercised in the morning. I’ll get up early, eat, head to the gym, change, freshen up and then head to work. It helps to have your lunch packed from the night before and all of your clothes laid out so that you’re not wasting any time. Research concurs that people are generally more energized when they move around in the morning. So consider getting a gym membership, taking a swim, or a walk with a friend.

2. Take A Nap

Naps can help with afternoon sleepiness. I’ll probably take one a couple of times a week on my lunch break. It’s important not to get more than 30 minutes of nap time because you may end up feeling groggy. You need to make sure that you’re only taking one nap a day and you’re not taking it too close to your bedtime. If you’re unable to nap, closing your eyes for just 10 minutes can help you to feel rejuvenated. It’s important that we don’t work non-stop because that will definitely contribute to fatigue.

3. Look Away From Your Computer Screen

It’s important to look away from your computer screen about every hour. If you’ve ever felt like your eyes were “tired, ” this could be why. Every hour you can take a walk to the water cooler, look into your coworker’s eyes (as long as it doesn’t freak them out) or do some eye exercises where you look from the left to right for 20 seconds (I saw that tip on The Martha Stweart Show)!

4. Have Healthy Snacks Ready

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “the afternoon slump,” you should know that the struggle is real. For some reason, when 3 PM rolls around, we can feel lethargic, unmotivated and sleepy. This is where healthy snacks come in. Go for peanut butter with celery sticks or whole wheat crackers, a handful of nuts with yogurt, or carrots with low-fat cream cheese.  Make sure to steer clear of sugary snacks because although they may provide a temporary boost, it will be followed by a deep crash and lull in energy. Yuck, that’s the last thing we want to experience at work!


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