6 Healthy Nuts to Go Nuts About

When it comes to the health benefits of nuts, they can be hard to crack. Most nutritionists recommend limiting nuts because of their high fat content. While nuts are high in fat and calories, they are also packed with flavor. Here are six nuts you should add to your diet today.


Walnuts are packed with healthy omega-3 fats and also contain a good level of ALA, or alpha linoleic acid. ALA helps reduce inflammation and oxidation to the arteries and also helps heart arrhythmias. All you need is eight walnuts a day to get all of these awesome health benefits.


Technically these tasty morsels are considered a legume, but they are still high in folate which has brain protecting powers. Folate is essential in brain development and from preventing cognitive decline. You can still enjoy your peanuts and peanut butter, just make sure to do so in moderation and peanuts should be the only ingredient.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, which has been shown to protect against prostate cancer. The best part is, you only need one Brazil nut to get your daily quota of selenium – that’s how powerful this nut is to your health!


Raw almonds are the go-to snack for most dieters. Good thing too, since almonds are high in fiber and vitamin E. The vitamin E levels in almonds have been found to fight dangerous inflammation in the body and prevent harmful diseases.


Cashews are rich in zinc, iron, and magnesium. All of these nutrients are vital for good overall health. Iron can help ward away anemia, while zinc boosts your vision and immune health. One ounce of cashews provides 25% of your daily magnesium needs, which is a great mineral to help aid better sleep and memory retention.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are considered the worst for your diet because they are so high in fat. Don’t let the nutritional numbers keep you away from the amazing benefits macadamia nuts can have on your health. They contain the most MUFAs, or healthy fats, out of all other nuts. Regularly consuming them in moderation can lead to lower triglyceride levels and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels.

Are you nuts about nuts? Allow yourself to have one serving of one of the above nuts a day. Just remember to eat only one serving, preferably paired with some lean protein. Your one serving of nuts should be just nuts too – no added salt, sugar, or artificial flavorings.


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