9 Simple Ways To Be Happy And Healthy This Winter

Even though spring is close, many of us are still dealing with the cold and frost of winter.  It can be easy for some people to get depressed because of the drop in temperature.  The cold days affect our moods.  The great news is there are tips and tricks we can use to keep us happy all winter long.

1. Bundle Up

Winter Happiness

Putting on warm and comfy sweaters, mittens, and leg warmers not only make you nice and warm, but there is the added bonus of looking stylish for the season.  As long as our bodies are at a comfortable temperature, we exert less energy because there isn’t such a high demand on our bodies.  Thus making us happier because we aren’t as sluggish.

2. Look On The Bright Side

It’s the age old adage that our outlook on life has an extreme effect on our mood. So instead of focusing on the chilly weather or the fact that we may not be able to lay out on the beach, focus on the idea that we can snuggle up at home with a good movie and a cup of hot cocoa.  When we look on the positive side of situations, our happy thoughts trump our negative ones, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside, and author of The How of Happiness.

3. Book A Trip

You may be depressed that the major holidays of the season are over.  But no need to wait for a certain time to do something fun.  Don’t have the funds right now to take a mini vacation?  Try to save up for one later in the year, but start planning today, because just thinking about a future vacation can lift your spirits greatly.

4. Exercise To Boost Endorphins

Working out is always a great mood booster.  But I know during the winter we can be less motivated to move around because of the drop in temperature, but that’s no excuse not to do it.  Layer your clothing and go outside for a brisk walk. Studies show that working out outdoors is especially effective in lifting your mood.  If it’s just too cold for you to do so, put on some fun music and dance yourself into a sweat indoors.  

5. Spend Time With Good Pals

I know I know- when it’s chilly, we are tempted to lock ourselves up inside and not want to socialize.  But nevertheless, we should find time to spend with good friends, because it can lift our moods, says Esther Sternberg, MD, author of The Balance Within.

We can all struggle with maintaining a good mood during the winter, but with these tips we can take our potentially depressed outlook and flip it so that we enjoy the season every time it comes around.run Working out during the Winter can be difficult when you love the outdoors.  The weather’s colder, it gets darker earlier and it’s hard to be visible at night.  Read the following tips to help you happily exercise outdoors all season.

6. Be Noticeable

Since it gets dark so much earlier in the Winter, it can be difficult to workout past 5pm. You may fear that someone may not see you and accidentally run you over.  To help to avoid this, wear at least one piece of reflective or neon colored clothing or accessory. You can also wear a neon wrist watch, such as a Nathan’s Reflex slap band.

7. Bundle Up

The cold may deter you from working out outside, but don’t let it.  Layer your clothing by maybe first putting on a cotton thermal shirt and working your way up to a wind-breaking jacket for added comfort.

8. Drink Plenty of Water

Just as you would carry a water bottle with you in the Summer’s brutal heat during exercise, do the same in the cooler Winter.  No matter what season it is, when you exercise your body releases liquids and needs to be replenished.  If you don’t drink enough water while exercising you can dehydrate yourself, which can lead to fatigue, headaches and cramps.  It is a good rule of thumb to drink 20 ounces of water before running and 20 ounces of water within 30 minutes of completing your run.

9. Shoes

Try sneakers that are made with Gore-Tex because they are known to keep your feet dry even in Winter’s weather conditions.  There are also shoes that provide more traction for your feet, which can be helpful if exercising in the snow.  Try Yaktrax; they are known to be able to dig into icy trails.

There are a variety of ways to work out this Winter.  Try some of these options out and see if they work for you!


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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