Back Pain Got You Down? Sitting May Be The Problem

There are all kinds of chronic conditions millions of people face that arise from physical or mental health issues. As surprising as it may sound, chronic sitting is now being considered its own unique and potentially harmful health problem by chiropractors and other healthcare experts. Many of us tend to live highly sedentary lives, which can contribute to the development of issues such as back pain, joint stiffness, and even frequent headaches. More and more chiropractors are starting to notice a trend in their patients with back pain and how it correlates to the amount of time they spend in a seated position each day.

You’re Sitting More Than You Think

You may think you’re moving around and staying active throughout the day, but when you start to really examine your patterns, you may think otherwise. Any meal you eat throughout the day is more than likely being eaten while sitting. Your commute to work, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to walk there, more than likely involves sitting in a car or train for a long period of time. Do you sit in front of a computer at a desk all day? More sitting. Finally, when you get home, you probably kick off your shoes and park yourself right onto the couch in order to unwind and relax.

Get Moving

At the very least, you should try to fit some exercise into your routine. Ideally, you should be practicing cardio and strength training three days a week. However, you should also be incorporating physical activity into the rest of your day. Walking to and from your car or to and from the vending machine isn’t exactly enough to keep you from experiencing the ill effects of sitting down for too long, so go for a walk during your lunch break.

As for when you’re rooted to your desk, see if you can switch to a standing desk, or at least alternate between standing and sitting. Your spine begins to experience uncomfortable compression and pressure over time as you sit in one position without moving for a while, so relieve this tension by remembering to get up and stretch. If you have to set an alarm to go off every hour reminding you to walk around your office, go for it. You can also begin to see a chiropractor on a regular basis to further relieve tension and pain that may be plaguing your back area. 

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