Five Hip Stretches and Exercises That Decrease Lower Back Pain


Sore hips and stiff hips can lead to lower back pain. The hips play a large part in mobility and keep the torso stable. However, when your hips are sore or stiff, you may subconsciously use your lower back incorrectly to compensate for the lack of movement you have in your hips. This will only make your hip soreness worse, and it will also add back pain to your list of problems, as well.

If hip movements are only limited to walking and sitting, then the movement capacity of the hips is reduced. The best solution is to keep your hips healthy with daily stretches. Here are just a few stretches to try out for healthier hips and less back pain.

  1. Leg Swings: You can perform this simple exercise anywhere. Simply balance your weight on one leg (hold on to something if you have to), and then swing your other leg forward and backwards. There is no need to go fast or to kick too high. The goal is to get a wider range of motion than you get from walking. Do this for thirty seconds and then switch legs.
  2. Side Leg Swings: The side leg swing is very similar to the leg swing mentioned above, but the goal is to go sideways. Keep your toes pointed forward and lead with the heel. Swing your leg out to the side of you then back in. Try not to bend at the waist as you move your leg. After thirty seconds, switch legs.
  3. Circular Swings: Now put all of your weight on one leg, while the other one does the circular swing. You want to point your toes and draw an imaginary circle just above the ground. Try doing small circles and large circles. If you need to hold on to something for support, that is fine, but you will built up strength in your core and hips if you can do it without holding on.
  4. Baby Pose: This is an easy stretch for beginners. You will want to lie down on your back and stick your feet in the air. You will then want to grab the outside of your feet and draw them in towards your armpit. You can even just pull in one foot at a time as you get use to the stretch and increase your flexibility.
  5. Yoga Squats: To do these beneficial squats, start by standing up with your arms in the air. Take a deep breath in and then while you exhale, drop into a deep squat. Next, put your hands down, straighten the knees, and roll up to your starting position. Try to do ten of these each day.

Doing these hip exercises and stretches will benefit your body in so many ways. You will help increase the strength and mobility of your hips and surrounding joints. Some exercises will also help strengthen your core muscles. This all leads to decreased lower back pain too. Remember to always listen to your body and to go at your own pace and never do an exercise that is painful.


Remember to always consult a chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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