Five Reasons Cold Showers are Better for Your Health

164-365 (Year 6) Cold shower :(If given the choice between a cold shower and a hot one, most people will go for the hot shower. It is just a nice luxury to have. However, before you shun cold showers forever, here are some interesting health facts to keep in mind.

  1. Cold Showers Can Boost Fat Lost: Research has shown that the body has two types of fat, white fat and brown fat. The white fat is the not so good body fat that many of us are trying to get rid of. Brown fat on the other hand is essential for our body since its function is to generate heat and keep our bodies at a stable temperature. When you take regular cold showers, you cause the metabolic rate of the brown fat to increase, helping you burn more calories.
  2. Cold Showers Can Help Workout Recovery: For many years, athletes have used ice baths to help reduce soreness and stiffness. Sitting in an ice bath can be torture though, so thankfully you can reap similar benefits with a cold shower after your workout.
  3. Cold Showers Put You In a Better Mood: This may come as a shock to you, but cold water can actually put you in a better mood. If you wake up feeling groggy, a quick cold will wake you up and naturally deepen your breathing. Your heart rate also increases, so your body is getting an extra rush of blood and oxygen first thing in the morning.
  4. Cold Showers Can Build Up Your Immunity: An increase of your metabolic rate not only helps with fat burn, but it can also help build up your immune system. Cold showers also help with blood circulation and prevent hypertension and the hardening of arteries.
  5. Cold Showers Help You Look Better: Hot water can dull your skin and hair because it dries them out. Cold water can help hair look shinier and your skin to look clearer and tighter. This is because cold water helps close the pores and seal your hair cuticles.

Cold showers may not be the most comfortable showers, but they offer a lot of health benefits. Cold showers take some getting use to, but the health benefits may outweight the discomfort.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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