Five Stretches You Should Do Every Morning to Tame Back Pain

If you suffer from frequent back pain, stretching daily can be a great tool to reduce or eliminate the pain. The following are five different stretches that you can use to help you with your back pain.

Flexion Stretch: The flexion stretch is a stretch that involves movement from your chin to your chest. While either sitting or standing, you should move your head forward while bringing your chin towards the direction of your chest. When done the right way, you will feel your neck and back being stretched comfortably. The lateral flexion stretch is also used for back pain and can be performed by twisting your head from side to side until you feel your neck muscles stretch. Be sure to switch direction so you can work both sides of your neck.

Back Flexion: Many patients have a pain that they describe as a tightness in their back. This tightness can be helped by doing this simple back stretch. To start you should pull both of your knees as far as you can towards your chest. The next step is to push your head toward your knees until you feel your back being stretched. Usually you will feel the stretching when your body forms a ball. This exercise has been known to increase mobility and over flexibility of patients backs.

Knee to Chest Stretch: By just pulling your knees as far as you can towards your chest, you can begin to stretch out your lower back. Start by laying on the floor with your heels flat on the floor. Next, bring one need at a time toward your chest stretching your back in the process. This process will also improve the overall mobility in your back over time.

Hip Stretch: The hips are the support for your lower back so when you are working to alleviate lower back pain it is a good idea to start at the hips when stretching. The daily stretching of the hips will also improve spine flexibility. While standing with your feet slightly apart, bend one leg back as the other remains in front bending slightly at the knee. Next you should squat slightly until you feel your hips and lower back beginning to be stretched.

Piriformis Stretch: The Piriformis stretch is intended to stretch the muscles in the buttocks which can help reduce lower back pain. Start by lying on your back with your legs in a crossed position. Next pull one leg at a time toward your chest until you feel the muscles in your buttocks starting to stretch.

Stretching every day can help loosen up tight muscles and keep you flexible. Stretching is a great tool to use to help relieve pain and prevent injuries.

Before attempting any of these stretches you should consult your chiropractor doctor for any possible risks.


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