Fix Your Wardrobe, Fix Your Back Pain!

I’m no Coco Chanel, but I definitely like to consider myself someone who is fashionable. I always prefer to leave my house looking somewhat put together, and I genuinely adore spending time in the mornings piecing together a great outfit. However, as great as certain fashion choices can look, some of them may be harmful to your health. This is because there are some choices that may not be providing your body, and in particular your spine, with the proper amount of support.

Simply put, there are some items in your closet that chiropractors would highly recommend you think about swapping out now for better back health immediately. Trust me, your whole body will thank you for it. 

High Heels

This should be somewhat obvious, but those sky-high heels are definitely wreaking havoc on your body. These shoes throw off your balance, which essentially kicks your spine into overdrive and requires it to work much harder than it should. High heels bring about back, foot, and leg pain for a reason, since it affects your body from the top of your spine to the base of your feet. If you still really want to wear heels, opt for lower and thicker styles for a little more support. If you absolutely must wear stilletos, do your best to give your feet a break throughout the day; for example, if you’re sitting at your desk for a few hours, switch to flats instead for that time. 

Shoulder and Messenger Bags

The key to proper spinal support is maintaining balance, and one of the quickest ways to offset your balance is by lugging all your items around in a bag stuck on one side of your body. Placing a large amount of weight on one side of your back will force your spine to overcompensate and strain itself to a point where back pain becomes an obvious result. Your best bet is to use a backpack with shoulder pads and plenty of pockets and compartments. Yes, backpacks can be fashionable (seriously, they come in all kinds of styles these days); more importantly, they distribute the weight evenly on your back so pressure is relieved from your spine.

You can always consult with a chiropractor at The Joint location nearest you for further ways you can improve your back and spine health on a daily basis. Regular spinal adjustments, combined with making healthy lifestyle choices, can improve your total health and well-being. 

Image used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Julien Jeanneau

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