Here’s How To Boost Your Metabolism While You Sleep

We all know that how well our metabolism works is one of the most important aspects of determining whether we can achieve our weight loss goals, or find ourselves struggling through our diet and exercise regimens. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some sort of easy hack or cheat code to make our metabolism kick into gear that much easier and quicker? As it turns out, there is an easy trick that will help promote a healthier metabolic system, and it all has to do with the way you sleep (yes, really!). In addition to trying other techniques, such as regular exercise and eating more spicy red peppers, consider making this one simple change to your bedtime routine.

Sleeping In A Cooler Environment Can Boost Your Metabolism 

Numerous scientific studies are showing that if you want to boost your metabolism and insulin sensitivity, sleeping in a cooler environment is the way to go. Interestingly enough, these studies have concluded that the temperature of your bedroom has a direct impact on the levels of fat in your body, not to mention the effectiveness of your metabolic rate. So why exactly does a cool environment have this impact on your weight?

Cooler temperatures promote the production of brown fat in your body. Brown fat is a metabolically active fat that has been shown to both burn off standard white fat while also working to improve sensitivity to insulin in the body. Brown fat tends to decrease with age, as proven by the fact that babies and children generally have great amounts of brown fat, while the elderly tend to have the lowest levels of the compound. In most adults, the majority of brown fat is located within the neck and upper back region, but this can be positively altered just by adjusting the temperature in your sleeping environment.

What’s more encouraging is that levels of brown fat are not doomed to remain stagnant or decreasing; the levels of brown fat in most adults can be increased to healthy levels by the simple act of turning down the thermometer before you hit the sack. One more added bonus to this? Your heating bill will probably be noticeably lower, which is great news for your savings account! Exercise has also been shown to have the potential to convert white fat into brown fat in order to help you burn more calories while you work out, so don’t skip out on hitting the gym either.

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