How Stay-At-Home Moms Can Improve Back Health

The joy of raising a family is almost always expanded upon when the decision is made to do so as a full-time position. Making the choice to become a stay-at-home mom is certainly a big one, and it can and often does come with a whole host of rewarding experiences and beneficial lifestyle changes. However, choosing to become a parent who stays at home full time in order to care for a growing family is not as simple and easy as dusting off the furniture and putting the baby down for a nap as needed.

Ask any mother who stays at home and she will be able to list off the many tasks, chores, and responsibilities that are a big part of this particular lifestyle choice. Since many families rely so heavily on the work that stay-at-home moms put in each and every day, it is crucial that these women know how to take proper care of their own health and wellness, so that they can keep the entire household and family running smoothly.

I recently came across an article post by Spine Health that delves into the many ways a person can keep their back and spine healthy throughout the day, and I think that the stay-at-home mothers reading this would greatly benefit from this information. 

Whether you find yourself sitting down for long periods of time, bending down and reaching up constantly, or lifting and carrying heavy objects throughout the day, there are unfortunately more than a few unexpected stressors in the home that can threaten the health of your back and spine. Be sure to keep active throughout the day, whether it is by taking the baby out for a walk in their stroller, or simply by taking the time to stretch out your joints when you have a free moment to do so. However, since too much strenuous movement can strain the muscles surrounding your back, you will want to make sure that you limit the amount of bending, reaching, and heavy lifting that you are doing every day.

A good rule of thumb to always follow is to keep your spine and back as straight as they can be, as often as you can. If you must contort your body into a specific position to reach a particular object, do not rush yourself, and stop immediately if you feel any sort of pain or discomfort. You may find added benefit from seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis for adjustments to the spinal column, which can easily become misaligned from all the running around you may be doing.

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