How to Actually Love Running and Get Fit By Doing It

The world seems to be divided into two groups: those who love to run and those who despise it. Running can be a great exercise for those who want an affordable workout they can take anywhere. Running is also a great cardio workout for those who want to tone up and burn fat at the same time.

Still not sold on the idea of running for fun and fitness? Here are some easy tips on how to make running your favorite workout.

Start with Small Goals

Talk with any person that has had to lose weight or get in the habit of running. They didn’t just wake up one day and do an intense workout. Instead, they set small goals for themselves and kept building upon those goals. Start with a fifteen-minute walk and aim to run two to three minutes of that walk. Gradually increase the time you run, and you will be amazed at how much progress you can make in a month.

Get a Buddy

Working out is much better with a friend. Get a workout buddy or an accountability partner, and don’t allow yourselves to go easy on each other.

Save Your Favorite Music for Your Runs

Put all your favorite tunes in one file. You can only listen to your favorite music when you are running. This will help pump you up during your run and also give you a small incentive to lace up those tennis shoes. Every week you stick with your running workouts, allow yourself to buy a new song.

Update Your Gear

Obviously you don’t want to ruin your bank account by outfitting your new workout. However, a new pair of running sneakers or a running tank top can motivate you. Plus, when you feel and look good running, you are going to be more apt to making it part of your regular routine.

Tell People You Are a Runner

The last tip is to actually tell people you are a runner. This may sound crazy if you just started, but it can actually work in your favor. It can help motivate you to stick with running and it can also help define who you are. Running is not just something you do; it is part of your identity now.

If you are going to love running, then you need chiropractic care to complement your new love. Getting manual adjustments before and after your running sessions could help prevent injuries and keep you pain-free.


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