Hydration is Essential for Back Pain Management

Our bodies are made up of 50 percent water, yet most adults are walking around chronically dehydrated. Water is so essential to every aspect of our health. Even being slightly dehydrated can make us feel fatigued and decrease our productivity. Being dehydrated also puts us at a greater risk for pain. Drink up if you want to decrease your back pain and improve your health.

Dehydration Affects the Nerves

Nerves play a part of every function of the body. Without the right levels of hydration, nerves cannot function properly. This is probably the reason behind dehydration-induced headaches and migraines.

Muscles Need Water Too

Muscles are 75 percent water and proper hydration helps you control and move your muscles properly. Cramping is a common symptom if your muscles do not get enough water. Less water can also mean that you are at a greater risk for a muscle injury.

Don’t Forget About the Joints

All of the joints are connected and rely on proper hydration to keep them well lubricated. Your spine also needs water to keep the discs healthy and prevent them from losing their flexibility.

Helps Rid Toxins

Every system in the body has their own method of flushing out harmful toxins and chemicals. Water is essential for all the systems to rid themselves of waste. One example is with muscles; when your muscles do not have the proper hydration, they cannot rid themselves properly of lactic acid buildup. This is what then leads to stiffness, pain, and soreness, especially after exercise.

Water Gives You Energy

Your body needs the right amount of water each day to keep up with its energy demands. Also, low-impact exercise is essential for fighting back pain, which means you will need to stay hydrated to have the energy to do that workout. Remember that when you workout, you should add an additional 1-2 glasses of water to your intake.

Are you amazed at how many functions in your body rely on water to work? Staying hydrated is an important aspect of staying healthy and pain-free. To find out how much water you should be drinking daily, take your weight and divide it by two. That number is the number of ounces of water you should be drinking to stay hydrated.

Come visit The Joint… the chiropractic place to seek more pain relief with our affordable chiropractic adjustments. Both water and regular chiropractic care are essential for maintaining a healthier and pain-free lifestyle.


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