Is Apple Juice Harming Your Child’s Health?

Apple Juice And A StickThere is so much talk about kids’ health, and most parents think they are doing fine if they avoid feeding their kids candy and gummy worms. However, one popular beverage could be harming your child’s health more than you realize. That beverage is apple juice.

There are thousands of children across the states that are consuming more apple juice than water daily. There are many things wrong with that. First off, apple juice can contain a lot of sugar and empty calories. There is no reason why your child shouldn’t drink water like an adult.

While apple juice may jeopardize your child’s health because it can increase their weight, there is something more alarming that needs to be known. Apple juice contains arsenic. How is this even possible? There are two reasons. First, while pesticides that contained the arsenic were banned, they still are in the environment. Also, 60% of the U.S’s apple juice concentrate comes from China, who does not have a ban on pesticides.

Many people wrote off this scare saying that our apple juice has the safe type of arsenic in them. However, new studies are showing some scary statistics. According to certified nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, “Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of apple and grape juice (which is often mostly apple juice) from 28 brands for arsenic. Ten percent of the samples contained more than the 10 ppb the FDA has deemed safe in bottled water. In addition to the arsenic, testing revealed lead in the juice.”

What is a family to do? The best thing for your family to do is to avoid apple juice, even the organic kind. If you can help your kids to drink more water, you will help them out in the long run, since adequate water is essential every day. However, you can also try one of these tips as a replacement for apple juice.

  • Give them coconut water. Most kids will love the taste of this naturally sweet drink. Plus, it helps with hydration.
  • Smoothies are a fun treat to have.
  • Try fresh fruit when your child wants juice.
  • Make watermelon slushies.
  • Juice your own fruit juice, mixing fruits with vegetables. Use organic produce when you can, or just avoid the dirty dozen.
  • Flavored water the natural way. Soak cucumber, strawberries, or orange slices in water for a tasty water treat for kids without any weird ingredients.

Switching your kids from apple juice to water will be hard, but it is better for their health both now and in the future. Make any juice or smoothies a special treat, not something that is consumed in mass quantities throughout the day. With consistency, they will no longer crave their daily apple juice or other juice.


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