Is Sitting Just As Dangerous As Smoking?

A recent study compared the effects of smoking on the body to the effects of sitting on the body. The results were truly shocking! The fact is that sitting for many hours can actually shorten your life in a comparable rate as smoking does. This means that even if you have never touched a cigarette in your life, you can still shorten your life just from sitting too much.

According to the recent study on this subject, for every hour that a person spends watching TV, while sitting, they reduce their lifespan by a total of 22 minutes. It is estimated that for each cigarette that is smoked a person decreases their life by 11 minutes.

There are other problems associated with prolonged periods of sitting, as well. Some of the most common issues are weight gain, poor posture, and even chronic lower back pain. 

If you work behind a desk or in another job where you are sitting a majority of the day, you are decreasing your life more and more each day. However, unlike smoking, you cannot just quit at sitting. The real problem comes when individuals stay glued to their desks for more than eight hours, then they go home and park their behinds in front of the television set for a few more hours.

To sit less, you don’t have to quit your desk job. Instead, you just need to make some lifestyle changes that will save years from your life. There are things that you can do to minimize the amount of time that you sit a day, without jeopardizing your paycheck. Here are just a few changes to try:

•Take a break every five to ten minutes to stretch and move

•Take the stairs instead of the elevator to get more movement in your day

•Walk in place while you watch television

•Reduce the amount of time that you spend in front of the TV

It is up to you what you do each day. Taking steps to improve your health and well being are dependent on if you get up and get moving. Do not let sitting shorten your life; instead beat it by moving as much as possible during the day.


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