Motivating Yourself To Get Things Done


Would you consider yourself to be a motivated person? I struggle with motivation at times and when I ask other people how they get things done, they tell me “you just do it!” Well, this is easier said than done. There are times when I can force myself to do things and other times when I let myself slack. I tell myself “I’m too tired,” “I’m uninterested,” or “I just don’t want to do it!” I often wonder, is there a way to be motivated to do what’s necessary so that you don’t feel like you’re forcing yourself? I’ve found some studies that can help with this question. Check these out:

1. Adjust Your Focus

Think about the way you feel when you get absorbed in a television show. Before tuning in you may have felt stressed about your job, family life or schooling, but now that you’re immersed in the TV show, nothing else matters. This happens because you are adjusting your focus. Now apply this to what you need to accomplish. Ask yourself:

“What am I focusing on that’s making me feel this way and messing with my motivation?” And “How can I adjust my focus for the week?”

2. Find Out Your Greatest Source of Inspiration

  • Write down three people in your life who make you feel alive, whose words make you feel good about the world and build your confidence.
  • Identify the last thing each of those people said to you that made you feel great and try to use those words to motivate you today.
  • Talk with these three people this week. Call them, visit with them or email them and let them know how much they are appreciated by you and how much value they have brought to your life. Don’t be scared to ask them for help to get motivated

3. Identify Activities And Environments That Give You Energy

Maybe you feel inspired when you are dancing, singing, volunteering or attending a concert. Whatever it is, spend at least two hours doing it this week to get your motivation going and use that to keep you motivated throughout the week.


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