Natural Remedies to Eliminate Depression

depressionMany Americans suffer from depression.  It may be helpful to know that there are natural remedies that may boost your mood.


Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep.  Some experts recommend getting between seven to nine hours of sleep a night in order to function well.  Do this by trying to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.  Because depression may affect your ability to sleep, try to eliminate all distractions before bedtime, this can include TV and internet.

Set Yourself Up For Success

When you’re depressed you can feel very bad about your ability to take on tasks, which can make you feel unaccomplished.  To fight this feeling, it can be wise to make a checklist for something you’d like to accomplish each day, and start small.  An example can be making your bed everyday.  Once you have accomplished the small goal, you may feel a sense of achievement and gain confidence.  You can add on more tasks down the line if you wish.

Combat Your Negative Thoughts

When you’re depressed, your thoughts about yourself can be way off.  You may initially think, “I’m so ugly, I’m the ugliest person in the world and everybody thinks so.”  You should then combat that thought by trying to rationalize its merit.  Are you sure that you’re the ugliest person in the world and that everyone thinks this?  The most likely answer is no, this thought just isn’t true.  Once you get into the habit of telling yourself the truth, you may begin to feel better.

Switch Up Your Routine

Do something that you don’t normally do.  Switching up your routine by trying different things has been known to changes the levels of dopamine in the brain, that is associated with “pleasure, enjoyment and learning,” according to   So take a dance class, cooking class or an exercise class and see if your mood changes into a more positive one.

Try Hard to Be Happy

Depressed people may not enjoy activities that they once did and nothing seems to cause pleasure for them anymore.  However, you should try to be  as positive as you can.  It is believed that no longer enjoying activities is just a symptom of the depression, so try anyway

Although depression affects a lot of us, there are tactics we can use to battle the condition and have a better chance of coming out of it.  Try some of these tactics today and see if you start to feel better.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice 

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