Natural Treatments For Osteoarthritis Relief

If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee (OA), or you know someone else who has been dealing with this issue, than you know how much of a struggle it can sometimes be to simply put one foot in front of the other.

Arthritis on its own is bad enough, but paired with issues of the bones, osteoarthritis can really impact a patient in a negative manner and even lead to a decreased quality of life. OA also comes with the threat of causing a patient who is struggling with this condition to potentially need knee replacement surgery later on down the line in the future.

This may sound like a hopeless and bleak situation, but fortunately, researchers and medical health professionals are now starting to learn about more ways to slow the progression of pain related conditions such as OA, as discussed in a very informative article by Everyday Health. The best part about these techniques is that they are all natural and generally very safe.

When pain caused by OA causes a flare up in your joints, walking may be the last thing that you would be considering, yet evidence is pointing to the belief that proper walking techniques and exercises can actually reduce feelings of pain and inflammation while gradually slowing the progression of the condition in your joints and knees.

Part of the issue with OA is that it can be a dangerous cycle of pain and discomfort. Many patients with OA end up developing an improper posture and gait as a result of the pain they are experiencing, yet this improper movement often causes the patient to experience more pain over time, since they are not distributing their weight evenly across the body, not to mention that they are more than likely straining some sets of muscles more than others which only leads to a further imbalance. The key to fixing a gait that is off kilter is to reduce pressure on the knees while walking. Medical researchers have found that walking with the toes pointed outwards and swaying the torso a little more can do wonders for improving posture and reducing the amount of pressure on the knees and joints, which also lessens pain and inflammation that the patient may be experiencing. 

If you are dealing with OA, you may benefit from chiropractic treatments as well. Feel free to stop by your nearest location of The Joint clinics in order to start finding pain relief on your terms.

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