Prevent Inflammation With Chiropractics And a Healthy Diet

Are you dealing with an ache in the back or a crick in the neck? Regardless of how you sustained or developed these pains, whether it was through an injury or a condition such as arthritis, you may be surprised to know what is actually causing the discomfort in your body. I’m talking about inflammation.

What exactly is inflammation, and how can it end up causing so much discomfort to your body? Read on to learn a little bit more about this issue, as well as some great ways to naturally reduce the amount of harmful inflammation in your body, as recommended to me from a great post I read by Balanced Chiropractic And Physical Therapy.

First, here’s a little more in depth detail as to what exactly inflammation is. Inflammation occurs thanks to the body’s immune system. When the body, in particular the white blood cells of the body, detect a foreign organism such as bacteria or viruses that can cause illness, the immune system is triggered into protecting the cells of the body, which ultimately causes inflammation to occur. These lead to the aches and pains that so often accompany us when we are sick with a fever or the common cold.

However, inflammation usually goes away once the illness passes, and does not usually linger once the threat from foreign organisms is gone. Unfortunately, there are some conditions, such as arthritis, that cause the body to constantly react as if there is an abnormality in the blood stream, even when there isn’t. This overload and misdirection of inflammation is extremely uncomfortable for many reasons. Fortunately, there are ways to manage the discomfort and pain, and overall levels of inflammation in the body can even be reduced with the help of certain natural remedies.

For starters, your diet actually plays quite a big role in determining how your body produces and reacts to inflammation. Some foods that have been scientifically proven to naturally reduce levels of harmful inflammation in the body include turmeric and ginger. Add these spices to your favorite dishes for a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory capabilities. You can also make tea from these spices as well. It’s also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water in order to prevent your inflammation from skyrocketing out of control. Finally, getting regular chiropractic adjustments can reduce inflammation and discomfort in the soft tissues and joints of the body. 

Used under Creative Commons Licensing courtesy of Mari Rau

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