Simple Hacks to Strengthen Your Willpower

We all have the best of intentions, but if we’re being honest, it can be difficult to work up the willpower to achieve our health goals. Even when we know these goals will improve our overall sense of well-being, motivation can be hard to come by. As someone who works primarily from home, I understand this struggle all too well. There are ways to strengthen your resolve and willpower so you can power through a day and feel successful. Some methods will work for you, while others will be better suited for other people’s lifestyles. The important thing to do is to try them out. If you find your willpower increasing as a result of these new habits, you should integrate them into your everyday life so you can be productive and feel great about your day. 

Get Physical

Obviously, working out on a regular basis benefits your health in many different ways. However, the position of your body can have a big impact on your mental state, so this shouldn’t be ignored. At the very least, always try to make sure your posture is strong. Sit up straight and avoid hunching your shoulders forward while sitting or standing. If you need a more immediate boost to your sense of motivation, try taking on a power pose. Stand up straight, spread your legs so they’re under your hips, and place your hands on your hips. Hold this pose for a minute or two, and your mind may very well experience a boost in confidence and productivity. This is great to try right before giving a presentation or going into an important meeting.

Imagine It

Conversely, the mind can also give the body a boost in willpower. Many studies have shown when people simply imagine themselves successfully completing a task, they found it much easier to do so in real life. Turning your mindset around so it’s less defeatist and more optimistic can leave you feeling energized and motivated to get a big task or chore completed. 

Change Your Surroundings

If you work from home, you should consider getting your work done in one specific area of the house — a private room, a desk in the corner, the patio, wherever. Make it your own space, and don’t do anything other than work-related activities at this location. This will help keep you focused when you need to concentrate on more specific tasks.  

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