Six Back Pain Apps You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

iPhone 4's Retina Display v.s. iPhone 3GThere may be a secret weapon to help you prevent and treat your back pain. The good news is that you do not have to go out and buy anything fancy, because you most likely already have it on your nightstand. A smartphone could be your ticket for back and neck pain relief, especially with all of the amazing apps available now. Try out one of these specially designed apps to kiss neck and back pain away for good.

  1. WebMd Pain Coach: A great way to treat back pain is to first start off by keeping track of your pain. This can be helpful for identifying back pain triggers, and it can be helpful to have a chart to share with your doctor or chiropractor when you visit. It can be easy to forget how much pain you were in a week ago, especially if chronic pain is an every day thing. This free app will help you to quickly record where your pain is and the level of pain you are experiencing.
  2. Pilates & Basic Yoga for Beginners -Stretching Physiotherapy for Back, Neck, & Shoulder Pain: You probably know the benefits of yoga and Pilates for your back by now, but it can be hard to squeeze in a class when you are short on time. This app has 70 yoga videos that cover everything from warm-ups to advanced poses. It offers poses for all levels for men, women, seniors, and those in physical rehabilitation. It is quick and easy to do anywhere, such as before bed or at your desk.
  3. Mayo Clinic Back Pain Solutions: This is probably the priciest app we have seen, at $17.99, but Mayo Clinic has been known for thorough guides and gives a lot of information. The app includes videos from experts, tips and an interactive tool to deal with stress, a gentle yoga routine to prevent back pain and help increase circulation, and a healthy diet strategy. They really look at tackling back pain from all corners. This app also comes with a note-taking feature.
  4. Back & Hip Pain Relief Stretches: Sometimes back pain is just a stretch away. This app retails for under $4 and comes with a lot of stretching animations that will help prevent and treat back and hip pain. These stretches are quick and easy to do just about everywhere. The stretches can also help posture and take stress off of joints, so it is a good app to open up while on break at work.
  5. Back Pain Relief from CORE Physical Therapy: This app was created by twotop physical therapist in Washington D.C. They demonstrate seven effective exercises in HD video that you can do frequently to help get rid of back pain. They say that you do not have to do all seven stretches every day, but you do have to be consistent with at least 1-2 of the stretches daily to see results. At $4.99, it may be worth the money to hear their wisdom.
  6. Back Pain Nerve Chart: This app is created for both chiropractors and their patients. It helps show how certain back pain is connected to other possible symptoms. This app can help explain why you are having a certain symptom that does not seem related to back pain or spine issues. It also has a handy chiropractor appointment scheduler and reminder.

Who knew that your smartphone could be so resourceful when it comes to your back and neck pain? Remember, however, that not all apps are created equal. It is best to find apps that are backed by health professionals. It is also wise to never use an app or online medical advice in the place of your doctor’s advice.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician first before taking any health advice.

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