Six Tips to Trick You Into Eating Less

Plate with candlesDieting is a hard feat. Even when we choose the right foods, we have to be careful about not going overboard in the calorie and fat department. Worrying about how much you are eating and what you are eating can lead to one big, fat headache. Take the guesswork out of dieting with these simple tips that will trick you into eating less.

  1. Start with Soup: There may be a connection between the low rates of obesity in Asian countries and the fact that they consume soup before many meals. Just having a cup of warm broth or vegetable soup may help you eat less overall. So if you have your eye on the alfredo chicken pasta while at a restaurant, go ahead and order. Just be sure to eat your serving of low-calorie broth-based soup first.
  2. Smaller Plates Equal Smaller Portions: This tip has been shared by many professionals, and that is because it works. Using a smaller plate or bowl will help you eat less while your brain is thinking that it is eating more.
  3. Set the Mood: New studies have found that dim lighting helped individuals eat less. The researchers concluded that the atmosphere of relaxing lighting, and even relaxing music, appealed to the senses more, leading the brain to not rely solely on food for satisfaction. Go ahead and turn down the lights and maybe light a candle or two. Eat slowly and just enjoy your meal.
  4. Put That Fork Down: For some people, eating is like a competitive race. It is easy to use the fork as a shovel as you inhale your entire meal in five minutes. Try putting the fork down in between each bite. It may feel weird at first, but it can help you slow down and chew your food better.
  5. Wait 15 Minutes Before Seconds: Before you reach for a second helping, try taking a quick walk around the block. Get your mind off of the tastiness of your meal and allow your body to digest what you just ate. After about fifteen minutes you will better be able to determine if you are still hungry or if you just wanted to keep eating to enjoy the taste.
  6. Put Extras Away Before Sitting Down: If you have issues with saying no to seconds and thirds, even with the fifteen-minute trick, try this tip instead. Serve your portion of food and package up the leftovers for tomorrow. Put the leftovers out of sight and remind yourself that you get them tomorrow. At a restaurant, this works too. Just ask for a take-home container when your meal arrives and put half away before taking a bite.

It can be hard to get in the habit of eating less, but if you do, you will save yourself a lot of calories and extra weight. Using the tips above is also a good way to help you become disciplined in your health.


Remember to always consult a chiropractor or a physician before taking any health advice.

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