Spending Time Alone May Be a Necessity


Do you enjoy spending time alone?  While introverts may need more time by themselves, everyone needs alone time to be healthy.  According to naturalhealthmag.com, time spent alone cultivates freedom, creativity, intimacy and spirituality.  When you’re with others, you’re more likely to cave into their interests and not take care of you.  So if you think you need advice on ways to become more independant, look over the following tips:

Go Places By Yourself

Go out to eat, to a movie, or shopping by yourself.  When you do this, you get to know your likes and dislikes.  It may seem odd to go out alone, but it really is helping you to become more confident and to nurture yourself.  Think about how great it will feel to start enjoying your own company.  So take a dance class, get a drink or go to the gym alone.

Get Quiet

It can be very effective to wake up early when the rest of your household is still asleep or show up to work early when it’s nice and quiet.  This gives you time to meditate, journal, read, or do whatever makes you happy.  Turn all of your electronics off so you can focus.  By getting away from the noise around you, you can think clearly and become overall happier and healthier.  

Let Go Of Unnecessary People

Research suggests that by letting go of people who are negative, we can become more self-aware and healthier because we are not involved in someone else’s drama.  It can be difficult to sever all ties with negative people because some people have negative family members who they want to stay in contact with.  If this is the case, try not to react to their negativity.  Don’t get upset or frazzled if they raise their voice or become upset.  Just let the negative person do their thing. Chances are you’ll calm them down because you’re not reacting to them and this can possibly change your relationship with them for the better.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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