Surprising Energy Boosts to Start Off Your Day


What’s your go-to remedy when you need a burst of energy? If your answer is a cup of coffee, energy drink, or sugary snack, then you are only hurting your health. All of those things will boost your energy momentarily, but can leave you fatigued and exhausted shortly after. Instead, try these natural energy boosters to start your day:

Sleep At Least Seven Hours

No surprise here that a good source of energy starts off with a good night’s sleep. Aim for seven hours of sleep to help improve your focus and mood for the day. Sounds simple enough, yet 40% of Americans still don’t get enough sleep.

Welcome the Light

Another important ingredient for an energy-filled morning is to have enough light in your day. Greet the day by opening the curtains or spending a few minutes outside in the sun. The sunlight will help you wake up faster and be in a better mood.

Have a Protein-Centered Breakfast

When you eat breakfast, aim for 30 grams of protein. That is definitely a lot of protein but will help you have more energy than a carb-loaded breakfast. Some great protein-rich breakfast ideas are eggs, protein shakes, and lean meats. Protein keeps the blood sugar levels stable throughout your morning, which means you will avoid that mid-morning slump that most people feel.

Turn to Beets

This idea may not be the most popular one, but it will surely help you have amazing levels of energy. Try drinking beet juice in the morning. Beets contain inorganic nitrate, which the body will then convert into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and air in muscle contractions and neurotransmission. Basically, it is just the energy boost you need without any of the side effects of caffeine.

Try a Cold Shower

Everyone loves their warm showers, but switching the water to the cold side can help get your heart pumping in the morning. The cold water may take some getting used to but it can help get your adrenaline rushing and have you ready to face the day.

Back Bends

If you are healthy and fit enough to do backbend stretches, then this pose can help stimulate an energy release. Backbends are not for everyone though, so the sun salutation yoga moves will work just as well for everyone.

Instead of starting your day off with a pot of coffee, try these unusual but great ways to boost your energy.

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