Surprising Things that Cause Your Blood Sugar to Spike

Did you know that huge blood sugar swings arise when you eat dessert or something that is sweet? However, there are some surprising things that make our blood sugar go up without us realizing it. Here are a few things to watch out for if you need to track your blood sugar levels.


Even black coffee can cause the blood sugar to rise, despite it being void of calories, fat, and sugar. This is because of the caffeine content. Other things like green tea, black tea, and energy drinks can also cause blood sugar issues, depending on the person. Each person is different and will react to food differently. This is why it is essential to track your blood sugar after having caffeine if you are a diabetic.

Sugar-Free Food

Many diabetics turn to sugar-free foods to satisfy their sweet tooth. However, even foods that are labeled sugar-free can still cause the blood sugar to spike. This is because many of these sugar-free foods still have carbohydrates in them, and is especially true if individuals over eat these sugar-free sweet treats, thinking they are healthier for you. 

Chinese Food

Even if you stay away from the white rice and sweet chicken, you can still be causing your blood sugar to spike by eating out at Chinese (or pizza or French fries). The problem comes from the combination of both high fat and high carbohydrate levels in one meal.

A Bad Cold

Having a bad cold can also cause your blood sugar to swing upwards too. Some over the counter medicines can cause blood sugars to shift, so be sure to keep up your fluids and watch your blood sugar when you are sick.

Job Stress

Here’s yet another reason why you need to manage your job stress- it is causing your blood sugar to be out of whack. When we are stressed, our bodies release hormones that can cause blood sugar rises. This is more common in those with type 2 diabetes than those with type 1. Learn to use stress-relieving tips throughout the day, such as deep breathing and yoga stretches, to prevent your job from causing your blood sugar to rise.

Looks like a trip to the ice cream shop is not the only thing that can cause blood sugar issues. There are many factors and “unsweet” foods that can cause blood sugar spikes too. One way to help control your blood sugar is through regular chiropractic care. Stop by The Joint today for a wellness adjustment that will improve your overall health.

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