The Many Health Benefits Of Owning Pets


Most people adore their pets, and for good reason. Pets are there to bring us comfort, companionship, love and acceptance. Not only that, but pets can help us to live longer and much healthier lives. Check out these awesome benefits to owning a pet:

1. Pets Can Keep Track Of Your Changes In Health

Pets are particularly sensitive to their owner’s actions and can notice a change in them. This can be beneficial for people who have diabetes. Some pets can sense plunging blood sugar levels in their owners before they can. When diabetics get low blood sugar, the smell of their breath changes and trained dogs can notice this. Not every dog can innately sense the change in scent but they can be trained. Many organizations train dogs to help diabetics, such as Early Alert Canines, Dogs Assisting Diabetics and Dogs4Diabetics.

2. Pets Can Boost Self-Esteem

Since pets don’t care about what people look like or how they act, owners can be themselves, which can boost self-esteem. Pets also don’t have an agenda and they take you at face value, helping us to feel more relaxed and calm. People who own cats can gain confidence from the fact that cats are very loving to their owners. And people who own dogs can get confidence out of the fact that their pooches will love them no matter what. Researchers found that pet owners have a higher sense of belonging, feelings of meaningful existence and self-confidence than non-pet owners. Interesting, right?

3. Pets Can Bring The Family Closer Together

Pets are known to be good for the entire family. Animals can bridge the gap between family members, making it easier for grandchildren to be in the presence of grandparents when the animal is around. The pet can provide a great conversation topic and a feeling of comfort. Pets also teach children the need to treat others with kindness and can teach them a lot about responsibility.



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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