The Top Foods to Eat to Help Allergy Symptoms

Are your allergies acting up again? It can be frustrating to have to reach for an allergy medication or eye drops daily. What’s even more frustrating is that you cannot enjoy your beloved pet or the great outdoors without some consequence. There may be hope, allergy sufferers. You may be able to decrease the severity of your allergy symptoms just by looking in the fridge. Here are a few foods to eat more of to stop the allergy sniffles.

Yogurt: A Swiss study found that people who took a probiotic had lower levels of allergy symptoms. You can either take a probiotic supplement or get your daily dose of healthy bacteria with yogurt. Many yogurts have the good levels of probiotics in them; just check the label.

Apples: An apple a day could help allergy and asthma sufferers. This is because apples contain an anti-inflammatory flavonoid called quercetin. However, don’t peel your apples since the allergy-fighting power is mostly in the peel. Interestingly enough, another study showed that expecting moms who ate several apples throughout their pregnancy had children that were less likely to get asthma or allergies. The flavonoid quercetin can also be found in onions, berries, cabbage, cauliflower, and nuts.

Green Tea: Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also can block a key cell receptor that triggers the allergy response. Research has shown that black tea and white tea can also help your allergies as well.

More Water: Staying hydrated helps your body flush out the toxins and can help improve your allergy symptoms by more than 30 percent.

The seasonal sniffles and red eyes are irritating but can be avoided with a little change in your diet. When you allergy symptoms are really bad, try to avoid dairy products and too much sugar. Dairy is known to build up the mucus, while sugar is a top inflammatory food. Both can make your allergies worse.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before taking any medical or diet advice.

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