This One Daily Habit May Be Causing Your Neck And Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be very debilitating for anyone who experiences it, whether it is an acute condition or a chronic one. Pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders can be caused by a wide variety of things, which can sometimes make the search for finding an effective treatment plan difficult to achieve.

Finding pain relief from this issue is made all the more difficult if you felt the discomfort come on gradually, or seemingly out of the blue. As hard as it may seem to effectively point to a cause for neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, there is one particular habit that more and more chiropractors are finding to be responsible for the discomfort that their patients are facing on a regular basis, as pointed out in an article by Breaking Muscle. Read on to see if this one habit is causing you any sort of pain as well, and how chiropractic care and treatment can help.

If you are like most people who work or go to school, you probablyuse a keyboard at least once during the day. More than likely, you are probably using a keyboard for hours throughout the day, especially if you work in an office setting, or if you are a freelance writer like me. While it is true that keyboards are starting to become more ergonomically designed these days, they still can unfortunately cause quite a lot of pain and stiffness in various joint in the body. Obviously, using a keyboard for long periods of time with very few breaks, and without proper support, can and often times will lead to conditions that affect the wrist, hands, and arms, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. However, misuse or overuse of a keyboard can also have quite a negative effect on your shoulders and neck as well.

This effect can be seen just by looking at the posture of anyone who is typing. Notice how their shoulders and back are hunched over, while the neck is craned down and forward? This all places a staggering amount of added pressure onto the neck and shoulders, which in time of course can lead to pain and stiffness in the area. This is why it is so crucial to remember to take breaks from typing frequently and often. Set an alarm to go off every thirty minutes to remind you to at least roll your shoulders for ten seconds or so. Ask a chiropractor about other ways you can prevent and treat neck and shoulder pain. 

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