Three Things to Keep in Mind During Back to School Shopping

Getting on the bus for the first ride in the first grade school season.It is that time of the year – the time where you are probably bombarded with back to school advertisments and sales. Since your child is going back to school soon, there are a few things that every parent should focus on to prevent future back problems. Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping the back to school sales.

The Right Backpack: Have you ever seen so many backpacks to choose from? Most stores have aisles packed with them right now. While your child may be whining for a bag with their favorite TV character on it, there are a few things to look for to prevent any back pain or problems down the road. First, look for sturdy and adjustable straps. The right bag should also have some shoulder padding too on the straps, as well as a way to buckle the backpack in front once or twice.

Make sure the bag size is right for your child’s height and that it does not droop when full. Another alternative to consider is a backpack on wheels. Whichever backpack you decide on, make sure that it never gets overstuffed and too heavy. The backpack should be no more than 10 percent of your child’s weight. So for the average child who weight 60-80 pounds, that means their backpacks should not be heavier than 6-8 pounds.

The Right Shoes: There are a lot of great shoe fashions available, and it can be tempting to send your sweet little girl to school in adorable sandals or flats. However, the best shoe for kids are supportive tennis shoes. Avoid the shoes with a thick foam sole, those may cause imbalance when your child walks. Avoid shoes that pinch and that allow plenty of room for your child’s foot. Since the sales for shoes are probably good right now, buy the same pair in the next size up, since most kids will move up a size before the end of the school year.

The Right Clothes: No matter what type of clothing your child has to wear for school, make sure that it fits comfortably. Clothing that is too tight or limits bending down and other movement will cause your child to have poor posture.

These are all great tips to keep in mind when you are stocking up on pencils and paper. The best type of shoes and backpacks for your child may be more costly, but they are most likely a better quality and better for your child in the long run.


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