Tips To Keep Your Back Healthy Around The House

Considering our houses are built and designed to protect us from the potential dangers of the outside elements, it is kind of ironic that there are actually many different ways that we can injure our backs from the most simple of movements inside the house. From the kitchen to the storage room to the bedroom, it is important to know how to navigate any indoor environment in order to keep the back and spinal column safe at all times.

As unbelievable as it may sound, back pain is so common that it can be caused by a wide variety of factors and habits that may seem inconspicuous due to how often they are performed by many of us, many times on a daily basis. I recently came across an article post by How Stuff Works that describes in helpful detail some of the most common ways that many people end up injuring or straining their backs while performing simple tasks around the house. Keep on reading further to find out what you can do to keep your back and spinal column safe, strong, and in good working condition. 

Most of us have a designated storage space in our house, whether it is in an attic, a basement, or even just a large closet. It is in these places that it is important to remain especially careful while moving and rummaging through heavy boxes in order to prevent back strains or injuries. When it comes to placing new items in storage, be sure to place the heaviest items at waist height, in order to keep from having to bend over whenever you need to pick it up once more in the future. This will allow you to place lighter items higher up in the room or space, which will be easier for you to lift and carry. Ideally, you will not have any items to pick up from the floor or ground level shelf, so you will not have to bend over.

You can also take care of your back getting out of bed every morning. Be sure to start by swiveling your hips to the edge of your bed, and allow your feet to naturally touch the floor by your bed. From this position, use your arms to support your torso as you lift yourself up. This will keep you from tweaking your back and starting your day off on a rough foot. Combined with regular chiropractic care, these simple tips can help keep your spine healthy and strong for a long time. 

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