Training The Mind to Cope With Chronic Back Pain

There is absolutely no doubt about it – chronic back pain is a real bear to deal with. It can be physically and emotionally crippling, and it can severely impact your life, for better or for worse. While I personally have been fortunate enough to not have ever experienced chronic back pain, I do know a few people who have, and my heart certainly goes out to anyone facing this kind of constant pain.

When I came across a post by Spine Health that discusses the importance that the mind has on affecting your overall health, I knew I should share what I learned from it with anyone who may be struggling to deal with chronic aches and pains in their back. 

I would definitely say that it can be comforting to know some of these mindfulness tips and tricks in the face of a situation that can make you feel so powerless. The important thing to remember is that you can control some aspects of your condition. In particular, the way you subjectively experience and process the pain you feel can be positively transformedthrough certain mindfulness and awareness techniques. 

One of the most effective strategies that people with a wide variety of chronic illnesses take to heart is reminding themselves that their condition does not define who they are as people. You are a unique individual with specific interests and hobbies, and a completely one of a kind life experience. Even if the pain has limited your mobility, you may still be able to express your individuality in different ways, from journalingto sharing stories with friends and loved ones. 

As for more tangible treatment methods you can take, you can certainly try relaxation training. This involves the use of slow and deep breathing to release tension in the body while relaxing any muscles that may have soreness or discomfort. In time, relaxation training can help move your mind away from focusing on the pain. Using visual imagery techniques can also help you move past physical pain that you may be experiencing.

It is recommended by therapists and doctors alike that patients with chronic pain come up with an image or a memory that makes them feel peaceful and relaxed. This can be an image of a hammock under palm trees, or a specific memory of a relaxing vacation. Either way, using these images in the face of a flare up of chronic pain can really help ease the discomfort and remind the patient that there is a world outside of the pain they are feeling.

Finally, getting regular chiropractic care can vastly improve a patient’s quality of life.

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