Use Coconut Oil to Get Gorgeous Natural Locks

hairWe as women tend to care about the health of our hair a whole lot, men do too I suppose.  So I wanted to tell you all that coconut oil may be a healthy substitute for conditioner, mousse, heat protectors, and can help a dry and itchy scalp.  It has been known to restore health in hair, to get rid of dandruff, dryness and frizzes.  I recently purchased coconut oil for my curly hair, it helps to accentuate my curls and take out any frizz.  If you’re looking to discover the ways in which coconut oil can help the look and health of your hair, browse through the following descriptions of what this magnificent oil can do!

Before Using Heat

Us girls tend to use blowdryers, flat irons, and curling irons.  It’s no secret that these can be horrible for our hair.  So the next time we need to use heat to style, we should rub a small amount of coconut oil our your hair before applying heat.  This is supposed to be a natural protectant and help to avoid breakage and damage to the hair.

During the Winter, coconut oil is especially helpful because hair can be itchy and dry from the weather.  It is recommended to apply coconut oil onto your scalp and massage it in for 15 minutes, then rinse.  And you can apply it to combat dryness, use once or twice a week.  

Beware of the Grease

Be careful of putting too much coconut oil in your hair because it can make your hair look greasy.  So if you notice that your strands are looking too slick, only put coconut oil on the ends of your hair and not directly onto your scalp.  If your strands are thin, you may want to apply a small amount of the oil to dry hair and wrap hair up in a towel for up to an hour, then wash with a clarifying shampoo.  

According to Tim Johnson, stylist at Roy Teeluck Salon in New York City, “If using organic coconut oil as part of your weekly hair care routine, a clarifying shampoo is recommended… use once or twice a month to avoid any build-up.”


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.


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