What Does Your Birth Order Reveal About Your Health?

We are the woombies!!Can your birth order determine your health? Some studies suggest that birth order can have a slight affect on one’s health. So whether you were a first-born or the baby of the family, find out how your health measures up.

First-Born Child

A Japanese study of more than 13,000 children found that older siblings were more likely to have food allergies and hay fever than their younger siblings. This could of course be due to the fact that the first child is usually overprotected from germs, where as parents generally get laxer when more children come.

A small study done in New Zealand also showed that first-born children were more likely to develop diabetes and high blood pressure than later children. Researchers think that this has to do with the mother’s uterus and the changes it makes from the first pregnancy to subsequent pregnancies.

Now some good news for the eldest child. The first-born may have a higher IQ than the rest of the children. The difference in IQ scores were not significant, but notable at a three point increase.

Middle Child

If you are a middle child, then smile with pride. You may have the healthiest gums out of the whole bunch. It is said that middle children have a 5 percent less chance of developing gum disease.

Some more good news for middle children. Middle children were found to have better marriages. It is said that middle children are more open-minded, yet less likely to cheat on their spouse.

Youngest Child

The “babies” of the family are most prone to addictive behaviors. Whether it be smoking, drinking, or sex, youngest children are more susceptible to the addictive habits. Research has also found in Sweden that younger siblings were more likely to die of respiratory-related diseases than their older siblings.

A lot can be determined by the birth order of an individual. However, no matter what your birth order was, you can live a healthier life with your own efforts.  Visit your chiropractor today to ensure health and wellness for your whole family.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or doctor before taking any health advice.

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