What To Do When You Wake Up With Neck Pain

Nothing quite destroys the feeling of getting a good night’s rest than a crick in the neck when you first wake up, does it? While it can sometimes be alarming to suddenly feel any sort of ache or pain when you try to get out of bed or turn your neck, there are actually many simple reasons why you may be experiencing this very common issue in the morning.

Even though it normally goes away after a few minutes of walking around and waking up once you get out of bed, sometimes the pain persists for longer than you would like. Whether it happens occasionally or it seems more frequent to you, you can use these clues to determine what may be causing your morning neck pain.

Chances are that the reason why you have been waking up with pain in your neck is simply because you slept wrong the night before. The next time you start your morning off in this less than ideal manner, take some of the following tips from a helpful article by Spine Universe to heart.

Start by gently stretching your neck. You can do this by simply sitting up in your bed, before even getting out of bed. You can start by slowly rolling your neck in circles, alternating between moving to the right and left side of your head. This will work to gently loosen up any muscles andsoft tissues in the area that may have stiffened and tightened up over the course of the night. You can also try alternating ice and heat therapies, by placing an ice pack on your neck for about twenty minutes before switching to a heat pack. If a few rotations of this pattern isn’t providing total pain relief, you may want to consider taking pain medication, if you can, for temporary relief.

As for preventing this problem, there are two simple things you can do to find relief. First, make sure you are using a pillow with the right amount of firmness and thickness to support your head and neck all through the night. Once you adjust your sleeping environment, you may find that your pains go away. However, if this isn’t the case, you may want to consider seeing a doctor of chiropractic at The Joint clinic that is local to you. He or she can work to use natural techniques and methods in order to adjust your spinal column back into its proper position.

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