Why Depriving Yourself Is NOT A Good Dieting Plan

Most people consider dieting to be the type of eating plan where you have to cut out a certain type of food if you want to see any results. There can be great health benefits from cutting out certain unhealthy food products, but the unfortunate truth is too many people are misguided into thinking they need to cut out foods their bodies actually need for proper functioning. For example, you may have heard of diet plans where you need to cut out carbs or fat. Some versions of carbs or fat are bad for your health, yes, but trying to eliminate all of these substances from your diet is not only practically impossible, it’s just not good for your health.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Out Carbs and Fat

Carbohydrates and fats are not inherently bad for you. What it all comes down to is the way in which foods are prepared. An unhealthy preparation and packaging process can turn even the healthiest foods into something your body shouldn’t be ingesting. For instance, carrots are generally great for you, but carrots in a frozen dinner often have a high sodium content and very little nutritional value anymore.

As for the type of carbs you should be avoiding, these include carbs found in foods like white bread, white rice, and packaged chips. These foods have been processed and stripped of most of their nutritional value, making their carb content fattening without any healthy benefits. Stick to whole grain bread and brown rice instead to be getting the healthy kind of carbs your body needs for energy. When it comes to fat, avoid fatty unhealthy foods such as cookies and fried products. Healthy fats can be found in foods like avocados, olive oil, and salmon. These healthy fats contribute to better heart and brain health.

What You SHOULD Be Cutting Out Instead 

As I’ve already touched on, you want to be doing your best to cut out food products which are highly processed and therefore stripped of much nutritional value they may have once had. The less processed and more whole your foods are, the better they are for any type of dieting plan. Fresh produce, whole grains, and lean proteins are the best foods to be eating in all of your meals. In addition to possibly experiencing weight loss, you may find an increase in your energy and mood levels as well. 

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