Why Staying Hydrated is Crucial to Maintaining Spine Health

When it comes to your overall general health, it probably should come as no surprise that staying hydrated is pretty important to keep your body going strong. When nutritionists and doctors tell you to get enough liquids every day, they don’t mean juice or soda – only pure water can fully hydrate you and give your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Getting enough water is also very important for keeping your spinal column healthy, according to an informative article by Everyday Health. Here is how water works within the body to keep the spine working to the best of its ability.

Throughout the body, water brings nourishment and encourages elasticity within the soft tissues. Water also promotes mobility and flexibility within the joints of the body. As you can imagine, when the body is not getting the proper amount of hydration that it really needs to thrive, physical health issues begin to occur.

Besides the many more obvious signs of dehydration, including irritability and dry skin, a person’s spinal column can suffer as a result as well. Without getting enough hydration, the cushioning between the vertebral discs of the spinal column begin to disappear, which allows the discs to rub together uncomfortably. Over time, this can lead to back pain and soreness, at best. At worst, the discs can end up wearing themselves down to such a degree that you may develop degenerative disc disease, which often brings about severe discomfort and requiresextensive treatment.

Surprisingly, a lack of proper hydration can also affect your height in a negative manner. Each of the spinal discs may begin to lose height as a result of not getting enough hydration, which can cause premature bending of the back and even a shorter statue in time. 

Taking care of your spinal column aligns with taking the necessary steps to improving your overall physical and mental health and well being. If you find that you have trouble remembering to drink enough water throughout the day, there are some tips to help you out with this. Always be sure to carry a reusbale bottle filled with water wherever you end up going. You may want to keep several bottles – one in your car, one in your purse or bag, and one on your desk at work. You can also try setting a timer to go off every thirty minutes to remind you to take a sip of water.

Finally, chiropractic care may help you keep your spine in tip top shape, so be sure to find The Joint clinic that is nearest to you to consult with a chiropractor today. With short wait times and no appointments necessary, you will find that you can start getting pain relief and overall wellness on your terms, at your convenience. 

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