Why You Need To De-Clutter ASAP

When there is clutter in our environment, our mind becomes cluttered. This can mess with our sense of self-esteem, close relationships, finances and more. Check out how disorganization is disrupting your life and what your life could look like if you were organized:

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1. It Can Cut Your Financial Stress

When you can’t find your bills, have to pay late fees and need to replace your important misplaced items, costs add up fast. Being disorganized may not only cost you some “moolah”, it can also lead to mental stress, giving you surges of anxiety. At the very least, you need to create a home for all your bills that are coming in and put aside one day each week to pay them. If you would like for a more refined method to regulate your finances, try a budgeting tool, such as those found on Mint.com

2. It Can Decrease Personal Relationship Conflicts

Did you know that the health benefits of marriage are extremely high in the U.S.- so much so that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a campaign to promote healthy relationships? When your relationships are disrupted by misplaced items, forgotten appointments, errands and cluttered spaces, it can take a bit of a toll on your relationship.

3. It Can Increase Your Me-Time

Relishing in leisurely activities, such as dancing and painting, is associated with positive well-being and health. But if you simply cannot stuff one more activity into your itinerary, you should truly get organized. Remember: each moment you spend rushing to do last minute errands or finding misplaced items, equals less time to embark on a new hobby or indulge in a cup of tea. And know that actions that decrease your stress and add to your joy contribute a huge deal to your mental and physical health.

4. It Can Increase Exercise Time

If your treadmill has clothes hanging all over it, making it look like a closet and not a machine, you have a problem. How do you expect to exercise with such inconvenience? You need to be packing a suitable gym bag to prevent you from using excuses to get you out of exercising after work. This type of planning inspires you to work out, helping you to look and feel better.



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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