Why You Should Schedule Mini Exercise Breaks at Work

show offWhether you wanted an office job or not, chances are you spend majority of your days in front of a computer screen and in an uncomfortable chair. It’s no secret that the life of an office worker is usually an unhealthy one. This isn’t because an office chair magically adds twenty pounds. Instead, the long hours, unwise diet choices, poor posture, and little time for physical activity leaves many office employees not as healthy as they should be.

Most work-related health problems could be avoided with a few minutes of exercise every hour on the job. The top problems are eyestrain, carpal tunnel, back pain, and migraines. All of these issues can interfere with your work and cause long term damage. This is why it is important to schedule in mini-workouts during your work hours.

What do we mean? Of course we are not suggesting that you pop in a workout DVD while at work to combat these health problems. Instead, schedule five minute workouts every hour you are working. Alternate between wrist stretches, walking around, squats, neck stretches, and back stretches.

We know many of you have done the math and are wondering which employer will really allow you to do a combined forty minutes of exercise while working. However, these stretches and movements are meant to be incorporated while you work or during a quick break. For example, if you stay hydrated, you will most likely have to use the restroom once per hour. That is a great time to walk around and squeeze in some squats or neck stretches before getting back to work.

You can also get in more daily steps by delivering paperwork and messages to your co-worker or boss rather than emailing them. If you have to take a phone call, try using a hands-free set so you can pace or do simple stretches while talking. If none of these will work in your day, try replacing your office chair with a yoga ball to create more movement in the spine.

The point is not to sit at your desk, hunched over your keyboard, and staring at your computer screen all day. It is better for your health and your work productivity to take frequent and quick breaks.

Go ahead and try scheduling little breaks this week at work. Add an hourly alarm on your phone, or just drink enough water to keep sending you to the restroom. Either way, protect your eyes and back and take mini exercise breaks more frequently.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.


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