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LakewoodCO 80401

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At The Joint, there are no appointments and no hidden fees. As your local chiropractor Lakewood, we’re at 14680 W Colfax Ave, Suite F-120, providing affordable chiropractic services every day. Be sure to stop in and find out how The Joint is making it easier than ever to put your chiropractic health first. Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, a sports injury or need a general chiropractic adjustment, we can help.

Our Chiropractor

A picture of Dr. Romo, D.C. from The Joint chiropractic at Colorado Mills in Lakewood, CODr. Romo is a 2010 graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia. Although he grew up in California and South Dakota, he has always considered Colorado his home. He attended high school in Colorado Springs and the University of Colorado in Boulder before transferring to chiropractic college in Georgia. After practicing in Atlanta he decided to move home to Colorado and joined The Joint in the summer of 2013. Having seen his first chiropractor at the age of five, Dr. Romo grew up in an environment of health and wellness and he carries that passion into practice.

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