3 Unhealthy Ways You Could Be Holding Yourself Back

Certain thoughts that we entertain could be causing us to be unhealthy and holding us back from living our best lives. If you have a habit of thinking the following thoughts then try to change your behavior, so you can begin to move forward and get what you want.

1. You Believe In Perfection


Perfection just doesn’t exist. In fact, thinking that it does and holding yourself up to that standard is unhealthy and exhausting. When you do this, you risk causing a stress response in your body that releases cortisol and keeps you stuck. Being a perfectionist can toy with your emotions, making you feel frustrated and low in energy. So lower your expectations about how you and others around you should think, feel and act.

2. You Believe That Everyone Needs To Like You

Okay this is just an unhealthy mentality to have because no matter what you do, not everyone is going to like you. Maybe they won’t like the fact that your hair is curly, or the shape of your nose freaks them out, whatever it is, not everyone is going to like and appeove of you. What actually matters is that you like and approve of yourself. And that goes double with trying to please everyone. Talk about a waste of time! Because certain people are just happy being unhappy.

3. You Don’t Think Achieving Your Dreams Is Possible

There are going to be naysayers everywhere you go. People will tell you that the field you want to go into is too competitive, or your skills aren’t all there, or whatever else they’ll say to distract you from your dreams, just don’t listen. To truly live an optimally healthy life, we need to believe that our dreams are possible because this keeps us looking forward, dreaming and living our best lives.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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