4 Ways Babies Can Teach Us How To Sleep Better

You’ve heard the expression “sleep like a baby”, haven’t you? If there’s one thing infants are really great at (besides being adorable), it’s their ability to rest deeply, when given the right opportunities to do so. We could all stand to learn a few lessons about the importance of sleep, and how to make the most of our time under the covers, from the way babies go about their business when catching some zzz’s. 

Establish a Routine Before Going To Sleep

Your baby has no doubt happily adjusted to the routine you’ve created together before his or her bedtime. You don’t necessarily need to take a bubble bath and put on a onesie as part of your routine, but you should still have a basic winding down pattern before bed. Certain steps that may be beneficial to add to your routine include washing your face, changing into pajamas, and reading on the couch. Do these steps the same way and close to the same time every night before bed, at least 30 minutes before you are ready to fall asleep. This also means banishing all electronics in the hour before bedtime, as the blue light from your phone or computer can mess with your natural sleep cycle.

Sleep In The Same Environment 

This is similar to the reason why it’s important to establish a routine before falling asleep. As we grow accustomed to sleeping in a certain room, we become attached to that room’s sights and sounds. Be sure these elements of the environment remain consistent, so your sleep can remain uninterrupted throughout the night. 

Don’t Rely On Feeling Tired

Ironically enough, the more tired we are, the less likely we are to realize it. As we go longer and longer without getting a good amount of sleep, our cognitive function begins to be impaired, up to the point where we simply can’t gauge our own tiredness meter. Regardless of how tired or awake you feel at any given moment, be sure to stick to a set amount of sleep (generally between seven to nine hours is good) every night. 

Create An Ideal Space For Falling Asleep 

Remove all electronics from your bedroom, and install heavy light-blocking curtains in the room so that no light can seep in and disrupt your sleep. Keep your bedroom free of clutter, and do all of your work or leisure activities in other rooms of the house. Essentially, the goals is to keep the bedroom a place that is strictly for sleeping only.

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