Are Your Weekends Causing Jet Lag?

Those of us who have traveled know the exhausting feeling of jet lag. When our bodies crash after we’ve returned home from our vacationing, we know that this sleep-inducing menace is to blame. And the troublesome thing is that we still feel tired the next morning and during the day. You don’t just have to take a vacation to experience jet lag.


What The Heck Is Jet Lag? 

Jet lag is the shift in time zones, which disrupts our body’s natural circadian rhythm and messes with our sleep schedule, even after we get back from vacation.

Our Weekends Can Make Us Have Jet Lag, Too!

The same way it takes our body a few days to fully recover from the crazy sleep changes from our vacation, it can also take a while before our body gets over our shift in sleep changes from the weekend. Eek! Staying up too late during the weekend can mess with our sleep patterns and throw off our moods come Monday morning. This can be known as “social jet lag.”

So What’s The Deal With “Social Jet Lag?”

In today’s hectic world, weekend jet lag, also known as “social jet lag,” is increasing, says Shelby Freedman Harris, YouBeauty Sleep Expert and director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center.

“It isn’t necessarily a sleep disorder that we would actually diagnose someone with clinically, but it is a trend where we notice that people aren’t sticking with the same sleep-wake schedule every day,” says Harris.

So What Do We Do About “Social Jet Lag?”

While completely shifting our weekend social schedules isn’t likely, conjuring up an extra hour of sleep during the weekends can be a good idea, anyway. If you’re someone who gets shoddy sleep on Sunday nights and during the work week, having a more consistent wake time is really essential, says Harris. Waking up at the same time is more important than going to bed at the same time. So if you stay out late on a weekend night, just try to wake up at the same time you normally would during the work week – or an hour or two later, but no more.



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