Can Your Income Increase Your Risk of Developing Back Pain?

It’s not exactly a secret that a person’s rate of income tends to impact a wide variety of other areas in their life, including levels of stress and overall satisfaction. While this does tend to make sense, I was still surprised and intrigued by a Chiro Nexus article I recently read that suggests that there is a connection between children from wealthy homes and higher chances of developing injuries from sports related activities.

If anything, I thought that children from wealthier families would be less likely to become injured, so I naturally became very curious as to why this was the case, and so my quest for answers began. Here’s what I learned about the link between income and instances of physical pain and injuries.

There are two main reasons as to why kids from wealthy families tend to rack up higher medical expenses. First, these families often tend to have private insurance, so they are able to visit a doctor or other healthcare provider practically anytime they feel it is warranted. The other reason, which I found very interesting, is that many upper class children are often encouraged by their parents to focus on one particular sport or athletic activity. These children tend to overuse particular muscles in their developing bodies, to the point of exhaustion and, more often than not, injury and physical pain. This phenomena of “specialization”, where a child is often pressured into excelling at one particular activity by rigorously training and practicing with very few breaks during the week, can have lasting negative consequences for them.

As for people, adults and children alike, who come from a lower class bracket? While these people are far less likely to force themselves to specialize in any one particular athletic activity, they may still acquire physical pain and injuries from other means. Most notably, I found that people who work in physical labor and physically demanding jobs tend to also develop health issues, mainly back pain, from these tasks. Just as wealthy children hurt themselves from overusing the same muscles over and over again, so too do physical laborers injure themselves by straining their muscles from repetitive movements for long hours.

Therefore, it seems to me at least that income status doesn’t really matter when it comes to sustaining injury – however, it’s not surprising that those with less money tend to avoid visiting a healthcare provider and getting the treatment they need. Fortunately, chiropractic can help. Visit your local clinic today for a consultation appointment, and bring in any questions you have about payment plans and affordability. 

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