Could You Have Food Allergies and Not Know It?


foodMost people love to eat and some foods are just about irresistible. This can make it really hard to stop eating some favorite foods and seriously consider whether or not it could be affecting your health. The truth is that people often never stop to realize that some things they are eating may be causing them to endure ongoing health problems. Food problems can be severe enough to cause pain or even lose time from work. It could also result in spending a lot of money in doctor’s offices or buying over-the-counter remedies – which might not really help.

If there are allergies to certain foods, this can cause health problems that may seem to be totally unrelated to food, or at least to certain foods. An allergy or food intolerance can be caused by chemicals or poisons in the environment. As a result, it can lead to chronic problems such as: migraines, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, skin disorders, cancer, ADD, arthritis, autoimmunity, and much more.

Studies have discovered that by eliminating foods to determine what is causing the health problems, that people have found that they had allergies and intolerance to certain foods. By eliminating those foods, they also found that it enabled them to eliminate many of their health problems, including: arthritis, bronchitis and gastroenteritis, migraines, chronic fatigue, asthma, rhinitis, and more. So many things are found to be the result of food related problems that it would be well worth it for many people with health problems to go through what is called an elimination diet.

An elimination diet provides a program of eating that is designed to eliminate inflammation, which is the basis of many of the illnesses mentioned above. It starts people off with the elimination of many foods that often cause problems in most people and then slowly adds them back in. In their brief absence, you may note better health, and then see which foods are causing you problems.

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