Courage Classic Raises Funds for Children’s Hospital

Courage Classic 12 Good Times

According to Daniel Williams, writer for the Lakewood Sentinel, this year over 400 courageous people volunteered to help run the Courage Classic, one of Children’s Hospital Colorado’s leading fundraisers. On Saturday over 2,000 participants cycled 155 miles starting in Copper Mountain, making stops in Summit, Eagle, and Lake counties, and ending in Copper Mountain. The event also included family-friendly options so that all ages and abilities could participate.

Last year’s event raised over $2 million, while the event has been running for 24 years, raising a total of $28 million for Children’s Hospital Colorado. Participants who can’t ride are encouraged to donate at until August 31st.

The Children’s Hospital Colorado is the area’s only nonprofit children’s hospital, treating more than 180,000 patients per year. It has been ranked among the nation’s top children’s hospitals in the U.S. News & World Report for the 2013-2014 year. The hospital was founded in Denver in 1908 with the mission of improving children’s health by providing the best possible care. Through research and promotion, they are hoping to develop a world where kids are safer, healthier, and will one day have no need for a hospital.

Besides caring for kids, the hospital also provides an educational program to enhance pediatric knowledge and clinical skills for doctors, nurses, and other regional healthcare professionals. Topics range from primary care to critical care and are available in-person and online. The research department is also a point of pride. The Children’s Hospital CO has several nationally and internationally recognized medical and surgical programs. Advocacy, paired alongside their clinical work, is how the hospital influences decisions relating to children’s health policy issues like injury prevention and access to healthcare. “We envision a world where no child needs a hospital. Until we make that happen, we’re here for your kids.”

Funds received through the Courage Classic go towards the Children’s Hospital Colorado so they can maintain the high-quality, well-organized programs of patient care, education, research, and advocacy. A portion of the money will fund the hospital’s sports program to help children with disabilities snowboard, ski, cycle, and fish. As a not-for-profit healthcare network, the hospital relies on fundraisers like the Courage Classic to support all its wonderful programs.  

Monique Bronner, communications manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado explained that people ride the Courage Classic for many different reasons; for most it is a very personal endeavor, an activity very close to the heart.


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